Web Hosting

DNS hosting for $24 per year – based on AWS Route53 for maximum reliability

Web hosting for $125/year – using cpanel servers in Sydney. Servers are high performance and not over-subscribed

Web server backups are $125/year which automatically backup your site and databases daily. We store backups over a distributed time period incase you don’t notice an issue immediately.

To access your site cpanel interface

To go https://web02.cloudserv.biz:2083/ and use the username and password provided.

Please contact ilbnet@ilb.com.au for any questions on our hosting solution.

Any changes to DNS in cpanel are not automatically reflected in the AWS Route53 system.
There are “reasonable” limits imposed on cpanel accounts that generally won’t impact you unless you have a security issue on your site and it is comprimised.
When connecting to your site using a file transfer protocol, you must use SFTP (port 22). This offers the safety required.
Restricted shell access is provided.

all prices are ex GST