Environmental Policy


From recycling office paper to environmentally friendly vehicles, ILB does all it can to minimise the impact it has on the environment. Our goal is environmental sustainability in all areas of our business.

ILB is committed to:

  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and industry best practice guidelines.
  • Maintain and continually monitor a waste minimisation and management programme to ensure recycling / re-using culture is adopted.
  • Monitor and control energy and water consumption
  • Evaluate and monitor the environmental competence of all suppliers.
  • Engineer an environmental awareness spirit with employees across the group through initial and on-going training programs.
  • Ensure the prevention of pollution in all activities.
  • Establish a process to allow for continual environment performance improvement.

Some of our practices to note include:

  • Energy conservation.
  • Recycling all batteries used for power management in our computer rooms
  • Using Hybrid cars where available and will meet vehicle requirements. Where a non hybrid vehicle must be used, we only support manufacturers supporting hybrid technology and a clean environmental record.
  • Using only power from renewal sources where available.
  • Ample insulation in all ILB buildings.