Rely on a team that can help you develop strategies to support your IT needs.

ILB’s expertise extends the scope of hardware and web applications. Our core mission is to deliver solutions which benefit businesses. This holistic approach means that we understand the business and information systems that rely on technology – not just the technology itself. As such, our Business Analysts can help you define your project requirements.

The Business Perspective

As a team, ILB have over 40 years experience in providing business information systems solutions to organisations with a variety of technology needs. We can provide end to end solutions which integrate into your current organisational strategies, and help your business achieve success.

ILB can help your organisation with the following project tasks:

Designing & Planning

Asking the right questions

The simplest way to frame planning work is to refine a set of questions that the planning work needs to answer. We can help you design your project plan, and help you explore the territory frame by your business requirements.

The gap from requirements to solution

Finding reliable resources with the right expertise can be challenging and costly regardless of the size of your company. If you take on a project that is outside your core expertise, the cost and time to train existing staff can prohibitive.
ILB can help in two ways. Firstly, we can work with you to design your strategic plans, or we can provide you with the expertise to implement your strategies yourself.


We can help your organisation develop documentation which effectively describes the functionality of what will be built, but will also allow your organisation to review, question and discuss the plans before implementations begin. We’ve helped clients prepare eBusiness short and long term strategies, requirements definitions, technical specifications, and post project reports.