Community Policy


ILB Computing believes that we have a duty to participate and contribute to our global community to promote growth, development and harmony.

Our global community incorporates our industry professionals, general public and the environment. For our industry peers our objective is to provide opportunities for continued training and skill development for the Information Technology and Communication (IT&C) sector. As such, we are the only locally based Prometric testing centre. We also facilitate opportunities that provide training to people through work experience and work place training initiatives, and support organisations such as the State Emergency Services (SES), Red Cross, Animals Asia, Conservation Volunteers Australia, and Junior Chamber International Illawarra. Our organisation’s Environmental Policy is our way of promoting solutions which minimise our impact to the environment.

ILB is committed to:

  • Comply with all relevant Occupational Health & Safety legislation.
  • Promote training and skill development through initiatives such as Work Place Training and Junior Chamber International Illawarra.
  • Support community organisations by providing services at cost or for free.
  • Recognising our strengths, and offering support in the most appropriate manner, whether it be through services or financial.

State Emergency Service

For the local State Emergency Services unit, ILB Computing have donated hardware and services to support the local unit. This has helped the unit to better their response during emergency situations.

Wollongong City SES and the community they serve have benefited from the donations that we have recieved from ILB Computing. The donation of four computers has allowed us to significantly increase our ability to take log calls from the public and process them.
Another contribution that ILB Computing has made to the Unit has been the development of a computer based operations management system, known as IOTA. Prior to IOTA our Operations Centre used a lot of whiteboards, paper forms and was very labour intensive. With the development of IOTA all three have been significantly reduced, which is great for the Unit and great for the environment.
As we are a volunteer organisation, any support that we receive from local people and businesses is always welcome. ILB Computing have been one of  the top contributers to the unit for which we are very grateful.   STEVE CLIFFE ACTING LOCAL CONTROLLER

Organisations receiving support from ILB

Animals Asia
The Australian Red Cross